Sunday, 16 June 2013

Achievement "reward" gear

OK, this is just a quick rant.

So far we have a few pieces of unique gear as rewards for achievements.  Most recently we have had the flower, the tentacles and the horny helmet.  We also had the molten gloves at the end of the Flame & Frost story.

It's these last two that I have my beef with.  This is what they look like on a cloth class:

Yup, that looks ridiculous.  I expect it looks ridiculous on any classs that doesn't wear heavy armour.  I mean, why the fuck, when you have to choose the armour class of the reward, do they all have to look the same?

Final Fantasy 11 has a great number of flaws but when they gave you a choice of light/medium/heavy it really was a choice.  This, for example, is the heavy armour reward from a Moogle Kupo D'Etat:

Heavy Armour
And then this is the light armour reward:
Light Armour

Do you see what Square Enix did there, Arenanet?  That's right, they actually thought about it!

I seriously wonder how many staff they have in the Art Dept somtimes.

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