Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The #FFXIV Ego Trip

We know it's a bit of a tired trope but MMOs really are in love with the "only you can save man kind!" storyline and none more so than Final Fantasy XIV.
Some members of my personal fan club

I'm really enjoying Final Fantasy XIV. As I recently tweeted I had absolutely no compunction about subscribing as soon as my trial period ended; it's been a pleasure to play. Whether that will last into the "elder" game and gear grind remains to be seen but in the short term there is plenty for me to enjoy.

A few QoL niggles aside (these are fine examples) the only thing that really bugs me about the game is how awesome I am. Not only am I obviously fated to save the Universe (I can only assume that's the case) but every new class I try my hand at I'm just incredible. The incidental characters in the class story lines pale in comparison to my skill. The only person who I don't seem able to impress is Silvairre from the Archer's Guild but since he's a right-wing xenophobic maniac I don't have a problem with that.

So, yeah. This really breaks my immersion. It's not an issue unique to FFXIV, I think the Secret World is one of the few MMOs I have played that actively avoided the "chosen one" trope, but it is pretty lazy. However, what would also be lazy is for me to look East and examine "cultural" issues for the reasons behind the popularity of this type of story line. I see a lot of people doing that when considering FFXIV idiosyncrasies. Hell, I used to do it with FFXI all the time. I'm starting to think that's wrong and we can do better.

(This post went in an unexpected direction at the end there.)

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