Thursday, 3 December 2015

Questions, questions, questions #TSW

I bought The Secret World in the recent Steam sale and I've already racked up more hours than I did in either Wildstar or Blade and Soul. I literally didn't get the point of those games. It was XP and gear for the sake of it. So far I don't feel like TSW is like that.

I would have liked my first post to be about the things I like so far but, as usual, it's much easier to identify the things that I'm struggling with than pin down just what makes it feel so good!

Firstly, there is the suggested difficulty levels presented in the game. I just don't get it. Some quests are marked as "Very Hard" but are actually simple. Some are marked as "Very Hard" and are apparently impossible. So, that's frustrating.

The mob "con" system is confusing too. Without levels, it's hard to understand what you are capable of taking on and the tool tips for each mob, again, don't seem that representative of the actual challenge.  Of course this all comes down to your build and skill but it's quite a learning curve.

Last, and certain not least, I'm stuck on the Story Mission already. That's not actually a problem in itself; I was stuck on a side quest for a few days until I figured it out. The problem is that I'm not sure why I'm stuck. In other words, I am I just doing it wrong? I'm not sure if I'm not high enough "level" to get to the area I need to go to carry on (I can see some badass mobs around); if I've missed side quests that lead me to the right places or if I'm just being too much of a wimp to get out there.

I don't want to been spoon fed, or ride on rails, and maybe it's just a question of adapting to the game, but I do feel a bit lost. It's not necessarily the lack of direction but the apparent lack of means (or ignorance of their existence) to find the right direction.  Fortunately, I'm absolutely happy (at this point) to keep plugging away but I can understand the attrition rate being very high.

I guess I'll just stick at it!

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