Thursday, 7 May 2015

Music in the movies #MCU

I'm starting to realise (in my old age) that the score of a BIG film can make a huge difference to my enjoyment of it. If I'm watching something with some truly epic action and the music is less than epic, then it just doesn't quite get me.

A good and recent example of this is Avengers: Age of Ultron. After I watched Avengers Assemble I had the theme in my head for days. Subconsciously, I pretty much spent the whole of Age of Ultron waiting for the Avengers theme and I was finally satisfied after the mid-credit sting.  As for the rest of the music in the film. Meh.

Looking back at previous Marvel movies there are some other absolute stand outs.  Firstly, the "Cap on tour" rendition of the "Star Spangled Man (with a Plan)" could be one of my favourite moment in the MCU so far. Then you have the actual First Avenger theme, which, with all the brass and pomp, has a deal in common with Indy and Star Wars. Thus evoking all sorts of happy, Saturday afternoon movie type feelings.

More recently, the Iron Man 3 theme absolutely smashed it out of the park for me.  Is there a better way to follow on from the inevitably "dark" sequel than to stick your tongue a little way into your cheek and have some fun? No. This theme is all about that.  Most of the AC/DC tracks on the preceeding Iron Man movies did a stand up job too.

I guess that brings us to Thor.  Sorry, Thor but... did your movies even have any music? Absolutely none of it stands out in my mind.

Rounding out the MCU, I guess we should mention Guardians of the Galaxy but there's not much to say. It simply has one of the best movie soundtracks. Ever. Which track is my favourite? It's a very tough call between "O-o-h Child" ("I'm distracting ya, ya big turd blossom!" (spoilers) and "Come and Get Your Love", the song accompanying an opening sequence that sets the tone for the whole movie.

Moving away from the MCU, I can't hear "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica without thinking of Zombieland (and I hear it often). I also have to give a shout out to Michael Giacchino who could be JJ Abrams' own John Williams. His work on Star Trek had me blubbing before the film had barely started and again at the end of Super 8. I'd like to blame being a parent for my (over) sensitivity to those two scenes but since we had our first child in 2012, that'd be a tough sell.

Speak of the great Mr. Williams, it could be the TIE fighters or the Falcon, but I'm pretty sure it's the combination of those AND the music that makes this one of the most exciting things I've seen for about 30 years.

Thanks for joining me for this unusually rant-free post. I'd like to bring this to a close with a less than fantastic movie with an absolutely spot on theme. Ladies and gents, I give you Pacific Rim.

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