Friday, 4 July 2014

They mean well!

Today we did Tequatl and my bro got an Angchu Weapon Chest. Lucky. Bastard.

Now, obviously, it's not Zojja's (Berserker stats), so to a large part of the commuinty it's worthless.  I even found this quote when we were looking at the best weapon to choose:
I would just unlock any weapon I would want the skin for and then put the skin on my main weapon. I have already done that for two non-optimal ascended drops I had.
Turned two Ascended Weapons into skins because they were "non-optimal".  Admittedly, if they were Cleric's I'm with him, anything else I could find a use for somewhere.

I digress.

Bro's main class is Guardian and Angchu stats are Cavalier (Tough+Power/Ferocity).  They aren't bad stats for a more survivable build.  However, when I asked my guild for advice the general gist was "you really want gear with Berserker stats".  I mean, honestly.  Did they even read what I posted?

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