Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Managing expectation

Just before the Dry Top release (we can agree that's a good name, right?) there was speculation on Twitter about what the release might include/what people were hoping for.

Two people said that'd like to see a new playable race and I was very surprised.  Even spending a few minutes considering the idea you can come up with multiple barriers.  Here's some straight off the top of my head:
  • We have 4 more races than GW1 already
  • The current Personal Story can't accommodate additional races
  • Destiny's Edge represents each of the playable races
  • So do the Biconics/DE2.0
  • Every piece of armour in the game would need to be redesigned
The final reason is the real deal breaker.  They don't have the dev time to fix all the clipping on existing models so the chance of getting updated version of every armour in the game?  Slim.

Also, financially, redesign 50+ armour sets and sell a new race in an expansion for $50 or create 50 new skins to sell in the Gem Store for $12 a pop.

I just can't see it happening.  Sorry.

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