Monday, 12 May 2014

#GW2 World Completion

I have yet to do world completion on any character and I know exactly why that.

It's because I want to play the racial starter zones as the race in question.  Dunno why, call me a weirdo, it just seems right.

To then come back and repeat those zones on a different character is frustrating.  Why isn't world completion account-wide? It's technically simple to accomplish (count each time a zone is completed, calculate how many world completions have been achieved) and would greatly reward players that play a lot of alts.

Potential negatives "What if you delete a character?"  Let's not over-complicate things.  Keep it the same. Deleting character deletes all progression towards World Completion.

Or track it with infinite individual achievements for each zone and create a meta that tracks World Completion.

It really can't be that hard.

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