Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Great branding and design

I have been doing map completion on my Engineer in Blazeridge Steppes for the last few... months.  It's such a fantastic looking zone, I just love it.  Maybe you need a good GFX card to appreciate it but the dragon brand looks amazing.  Lore-wise it's an awesome zone with all the ruins and hastily erected charr defenses.  Of course, I expect most people just come here for the Shatterer mega-boss.

Mmm... moody (The dragon brand)
I'm also developing a bit of a love for the charr and their war machines, certainly more so than the asura and their lasers.  Certainly the Anet designers have followed "oily, smoky, flame-belching iron monstrosity" brief with alacrity.

Following my post about the dragon lieutenants it would be remiss not to mention my battles against Kralkatorrik's champion.  It's my least favourite of the three to be honest.  Very little happens in the fight and there doesn't seem to be any challenge at all. Looks cool, though!
The Shatterer arrives

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