Saturday, 17 May 2014

Dear Wildstar, it’s time we talked

I’ve been talking some smack behind your back and I need to apologise; it’s not you, it’s me.

I know we only dated briefly but I thought we really had something.  I thought you were gorgeous.  Sure, you’re kind of quirky but I liked that.  You were a nice break from all the plastic replicas.  I thought we had so much in common, you seemed to want the same things as me.  You had some whacky ideas and a great sense of humour and that’s something I love.

But suddenly something changed and everything you’d told me before seemed superficial.

I quickly realised I wasn’t enough for you.  You wanted to hang out with EVERYONE!  I’m sure some of those guys are really neat but they’re so loud and brash I just don’t dig those big group dynamics.  I thought we could spend some nice quiet time together, really get to know each other, and create some special experiences but popularity seems more important to you now.  I hope it brings you everything you want but I’ve seen people struggle to handle so many new friends.

Also, you weren't great at keeping in touch.  I know you write almost everything on twitter and your blog but I couldn't read that whole thing just to find out something that might be important; I needed more than that.  I needed you to contact me and let me know that I was special to you.  When occasionally something big was happening you'd let me know but too late, when I had already made plans.

Last but not least, you seem kind of high maintenance.  I felt like it was really going to cost me to maintain our relationship and I don’t need that kind of weight in my life right now.

I still think you’re great, you still have something special and maybe, with time, there’s hope for us in the future but for now I just have to wish you the best.



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