Monday, 6 January 2014

Back to work?

I've had a great time playing GW2 over the Christmas break.  I've dabbled doing all sorts of stuff: some crafting, a fair few dungeon stories, a bit of personal story and I've also tinkered with a few alts. I've also run Guild Puzzle/Challenge/Rush etc and had a great time with my Guild.  It's all been really relaxing and enjoyable.

Why is this notable?  Well, I'm slightly concerned that the reason I found it all so enjoyable and relaxing was because I completed all the Living World achivements before Christmas.  So, I basically had a week (of higher than normal) playtime to do what I like.

So, did Anet effectively give us a Christmas holiday too?  Is there a back to work slump looming in the not to distant future...

I hope not.

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