Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What a Canach

Yesterday was patch day and the next phase of the Southsun Cove Living Story in GW2.

So far the Southsun Cove revisit has not been blowing my robes up.  It's alright.  I feel like there was a bit of a lack of continuity between F&F and the new story but maybe that is because I missed the Lost Shores event.  I mean, I wasn't even sure who "The Consortium" are and then this Canach bloke shows up.

Because I received the mail about the Canach instance on a different character I went digging on the wiki to find out where the instance entrance was and discovered that this Sylvari dude was actually a recurring character.  I guess that's another problem with having an event that only lasts a weekend.  If you miss it, you don't just miss the action, you get a gap in your lore too.

Having finally found the instance (swapped to other toon, check mail and back again) it's fair to say that I was a mite dissappointed that the "solo instance" was a short run past some easily avoidable enviro hazards, only to be confronted with a wimpy mob that can only be defeated with some convoluted, RNG-based method.

Or so it seemed.  I seriously struggled with him to begin with.  Somehow he just kept managing to knock me back into his mines, which then one-shoted me. I mentioned my frustration in Guild chat and I discovered that most people had beaten him because you can stick conditions on him.  Hmmm.

So, I swapped into my old condition-mancer gear and went back.  Well, I dunno what I did wrong but I couldn't stick conditions on him so I once again set about the mine method.

It actually went pretty well; I used the Flesh Golem to tank him and had him down to about half health and then I noticed he had been crippled by the Flesh Golem.  I immediately began attacking him and was please to see the bleeds pile up.  I then stacked him with everything I could and gloated at his pathetic attempts to catch me as I kited him around.

The reward I recieved was pretty nice.  I actually managed to do the Lightfoot Lair (or w/e) achievement too so I only need one more achievement to unlock the Karka back reward.

So, I ate an omlette that I had been carrying around.

And that was that.

So, after my fairly glowing review of the F&F content I'm very meh about this.  I still have a bit more to do and maybe that will redeem it a little but maybe I just don't like Southsun.  I don't like Veteran mobs that are harder to kill than most dungeon bosses.  I don't like the (comparatively) ridiculously difficult Guild Rush there either... but I guess that's for another blog.

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