Friday, 31 May 2013


Aside from my norn Necro I have the following alts:

Johanna Sparrow - a female human Engineer
Senor Teatime - a male asuran Thief (Mr. Teatime was taken)
Maal Darkmane - a male charr Guardian
Ffaewyn - a female sylvari Mesmer

Teatime and Maal fufill the awesome role of "doing daily achievements in Ascalon or Magumma".  I also do kill variety and underwater killer with Teatime as there is a river in Metrica with level 4 barracudas.  Literally shooting fish in a barrel.

Ffaewyn is an experiment to see if I can get to 80 doing nothing but crafting.  I don't think you can technically but we'll see.

This leaves the lovely Johanna is my only "proper" alt at this time.  I have played her on and off with the intention of doing all the Kryta and most Ascalon zones.  Why those?  Well, world completion for the sake of it doesn't appeal to me, so I want to play the zones I didn't complete on Tore as a levelling experience on another character.  I pretty much got Tore from 1-80 without leaving the Shiverpeaks, hence the name of the blog.

So far I have got her to Harathi Hinterlands but it's really starting to drag.  I don't know what it is about Kryta but away from the areas were the humans are fighting the centaurs there seems to be very little going on.  You don't see many other players around either.  Hopefully some future Living Story will send a few more people back that way.

Recently I have been thinking that the monotony may be due in part to my build so last weekend I started thinking about a change...

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